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Our mission at Living Skylines is
to plant as much of Manhattan’s
38,000 acres of rooftops,
along with the countless terraces,
fire escapes, windowsills and back yards.

We specialize in rooftop gardens,
green roofs, terrace and fire
escape gardens, small scale urban farming,
indoor greening and white roof coating.

Stay current with the latest green trends,
techniques, environment news
and more with the Living Skyline blog.

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rooftop landscape? Read our
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The Dirt on Urban Composting

When I tell people I compost in my Manhattan apartment, I get looks of egregious disbelief mixed with semi serious questions about my sanity and whether or not I plan on dreading my hair and bathing in patchouli oil. For several years after moving to the city, I cringed every time I threw away a banana peel or tossed my leftovers in the trash. I too was under the impression that composting was something that...
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Rooftop Gardens Will Save the Bugs

Rooftop gardens are being proposed for the top of some of London’s biggest buildings. By installing them on the rooftops of places like universities and town halls, it is hoped that endangered species of birds and bugs will be saved. The Living Roofs for Wildlife project will create seven “living roofs” which will recreate the natural habitats of some of the species and include wildflower meadows, sandy areas and beach....
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