about us
Our mission at Living Skylines is
to plant as much of Manhattan’s
38,000 acres of rooftops,
along with the countless terraces,
fire escapes, windowsills and back yards.

We specialize in rooftop gardens,
green roofs, terrace and fire
escape gardens, small scale urban farming,
indoor greening and white roof coating.

Stay current with the latest green trends,
techniques, environment news
and more with the Living Skyline blog.

Ready to create your own
rooftop landscape? Read our
frequently asked questions for
tips on getting started.

Instagram photos
Our rooftop salad bowl is coming along quite nicely! #organic #urbanagriculture #urbanfarm #sustainable #lettuce
Another one from this morning's fantastic morning rave hosted by @morninggloryvillenyc. Morning warriors saluting the sun surrounded by the abundant #urbanfarm @nbk_farms Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful space and this gorgeous day, bringing together light, consciousness and love. #regram #organic #morningrave #yoga #urbanagriculture
Loved starting the day in Havenmeyer Park surrounded by the #northbrooklynfarms and the #williamsburgbridge saluting the sun and dancing barefoot in the grass. Thanks so much #MorningGloryville for putting together such an awesome event!
The next flood won't be biblical. Join us this Sunday in the #peoplesclimatemarch at 11:30 in Columbus Circle.
Planting some Swiss chard today. The start of fall is a fantastic time to plant your greens, as temperatures begin to drop. The hot summer heat leaves leafy greens wilted and sad but they just love these cooler temperatures and shorter days. And we love these pink stalks. #swisschard is the #pride flag of veggies! #rooftopfarm #organic #growlocal #urbanagriculture #sustainable #newyorkcity
Handmade terrariums by yours truly. Planted in a mason jar, terrariums make the perfect addition to any desktop or shelf and are perfect, low maintenance housewarming gifts! #terrarium #masonjar #handmade #organic #succulents


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